🔎 What we see online is only #HalfTheStory

In May 2015, our founder, Larissa May shared her struggle with mental health on social media and #HalfTheStory was born, pioneering  the leading digital wellbeing movement for the next generation. We work with educational institutions, State and Federal governments, and fortune 500 companies to create new standards for our future.
In 2015, Our founder Larz shared her #halfthestory on social media and received a $250 grant.  A movement was born!
By 2016, we recevied over 10,000 stories on social media and launched our youth mobilization efforts.
In 2018, we received 501c3 status and launched our first advocacy and education initiatives.
In 2022, we led the charge on leading legislation in CA to build a safer digital world.


We believe that knowledge is power and a world that thrives with technology is possible.
A world where teens aren’t consumed by unregulated algorithms. Where no one falls for fake news over real facts. Where we, not big data, have control over our lives. A world where digital wellbeing is a fundamental human right.
Our mission is to rebuild the next generation’s relationship with technology, and it starts with unpacking the toll it takes on our mental health.
Are you with us?

Impact pillars

🎒 Education

We believe knowledge is power. Serving schools, non-profits, and corporations, we create programs like Social Media U, which helps teens to take back control of their tech use.

📣 Advocacy

From lobby efforts to our Global Day of Unplugging to student  clubs across the country, we give the next gen the tools to turn their interest into action.

👬 Community

We create screen-free social events for teens to connect offline and strengthen IRL relationships.


Digital wellbeing is a fundamental human right.
Not all screen time is created equal.
What you put in, is what you get out.
Technology can be a tool or a weapon, you choose.

Our Founder  👑

Larissa May (Larz) is a digital wellbeing pioneer who founded #HalfTheStory in 2015 after struggling with her relationship between social media and mental health. Larz shared her struggle on Instagram, igniting a digital grassroots movement that gave rise to #HalfTheStory. Larz has been named a Digital Wellness activist by Time, Forbes, Refinery29, Good Morning America, and NBC. Beyond her organization efforts with political figures and tech leaders, Larissa speaks for a growing generation of digital activists toward a thriving future. Follow her journey at @livinlikelarz.