The future of digital wellbeing starts here.

Digital Wellbeing is a spectrum, and we’re all on it. #HalfTheStory is a 501c3 non-profit on a mission to empower the next generation's relationship with technology. As pro-tech pioneers since 2015, we challenge why and how technology impacts our minds. Through cutting-edge science, research, and grassroots organizing, we are leading the movement to make mental health a fundamental right.


Our brains love anything bright and shiny, and screens are no exception. Do them a favor by removing color from the equation. Going grayscale reduces your urge to keep scrolling — and only takes a second.

We are a movement empowering the next generation of digital natives.

🎒 Education

We shift the conversation. Serving schools, non-profits, and corporations, we create programs like Social Media U, which helps teens to take back control of their tech use.

📣 Advocacy

From lobby efforts to our Global Day of Unplugging to student  clubs across the country, we give the next gen the tools to turn their interest into action.

👬 Community

We create screen-free social events for teens to connect offline and strengthen IRL relationships.

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